DLU – Differentiated Learning Unit

“A bright child knows the answers, a gifted learner asks the questions.”

The DLU has evolved over a number of years at Maeroa and caters for students with a range of skills, abilities, interests and passions. A typical student in the DLU achieves in the top 25% of NZ for their age group across Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The aim of the DLU is to extend their thinking to utilise their knowledge and develop curiosity, innovation and independent thinkers. 

Is this for your child?

The DLU classes are composite Year 7 and 8 and are targeted towards providing for students that have strengths and interests in particular curriculum areas that drives student self-direction. 

Provide a learning environment suited to the needs of students who require advanced intellectual challenge. This will be provided through extension and faster pace, with opportunities for more self-directed inquiry.                                                

Foster skills and dispositions that assist students as independent, self-directed learners now and for their futures.  

Include wider challenges within the curriculum through participation in events such as Maths, Science, Spelling and English competitions. Students in the DLU are expected to participate in these challenges as part of the programme.

Application Process

  • Complete the Maeroa Intermediate School Enrolment Green card.  You must be enrolled at the school.   
  • Parents fill in the Parent DLU Application Form. 
  • Student completes the Student Application Form including a detailed statement about themselves.   
  • Attend an Interview where students will be required to respond to questions about themselves, their interests and their learning.   
  • Attend a morning at Maeroa to sit a number of Standardised Tests and other assessment activities.  
  • 2016 teachers will be contacted and asked about the student’s knowledge, skills and disposition.

Application by a student does not guarantee a placement – we must be sure that the programme will meet the student’s needs. All placements are regularly reviewed to ensure students are coping with the work schedule.  Students are advised as to their acceptance or non-acceptance into the DLU by letter in late November.