Students at Aberdeen, Nawton, Frankton, Forest Lake and Vardon Schools will be able to collect an enrolment pack from their school office. These are available early in Term 3 for enrolments for the following year. Students from other schools should contact the school office and an enrolment pack will be sent to you.

We welcome enrolments from all students.  However, if you live outside our school zone, you will need to apply as an out of zone student, before the cut off date for the ballot.

Maeroa In Action Evenings

We hold two evenings where prospective students and parents can come to see the school in action.  These are held early in Term 3, from 7.00 – 8.15pm and students have an opportunity to see students at work in a range of activities that happen as part of a school day.

Enrolment Cards

These are included in enrolment packs and need to be returned before the end of Term 3. They are also available at the school office. 

Enrolment Interviews

All incoming students and a parent/caregiver will be expected to attend an enrolment interview as part of our process.  These are held over five days in October and there is a time available to suit everyone. What we learn at these interviews helps us to choose the best class placement for your child.

Orientation Visits 

We arrange orientation visits early in November for all new students. Students come into school for a morning.  During that time they have an opportunity to take part in two of our specialist classes, hear about some of the activities that happen at Maeroa that they can become involved in, hear what will happen on the first day of school and also have a quick look around to see where everything is located.

Meet the Teacher Evening

All new students have the chance to meet their teacher for the new year in December.  We set aside an evening from 4.00 - 6.00pm where the child and parent(s) can come in and meet with the new class teacher.  This helps to get rid of any anxiety about the change to a new environment.