Getting to School 


  • No entry for parent cars into the school grounds before 8.45am and between 2.45 - 3.15pm. The school car park area is not for dropping off and picking up students.
  • There is a 40kph zone around the school between 8.00 – 8.45am and from 2.55 - 3.15pm.  This zone is patrolled by traffic services and tickets issued to those parked incorrectly and speeding.
  • There are yellow ‘No Stopping’ lines for some distance in Churchill Avenue. Please stop beyond the boundaries of these lines. 
  • The school driveway must be kept clear for buses delivering students dependent on wheelchairs. If you are collecting/delivering students to school, please don’t park in, or over access ways.


Decide with your child which is the best way to walk to school, and check they know the most sensible places to cross roads. Use designated crossings where possible, including the traffic lights on Maeroa Road.

If there is an alternate route that allows your child to avoid the tunnels under the roundabout, we advise this.

Taking short cuts across railway lines puts everyone in danger and this will be dealt with as a serious issue. 

Wheels - bicycles/scooters/skateboards 

We expect our students to follow the road rules.

  1. The vehicle must be roadworthy.
  2. The student follows the road code and is able to bike safely.
  3. The student wears an approved safety helmet correctly - fastened on their head in compliance with NZ Law. 

The school provides a locked cage for cycle, scooter and skateboard storage and it is the students responsibility to lock their vehicle within the cage. Students who arrive late, after 8:45am will have to lock their vehicle to the outside of the cage as it is locked at 8:45am.

Wet Weather

Traffic is especially busy on wet days – please be patient and mindful of others.  

Students need to wear a raincoat or jacket travelling to school on wet days.  We do not have the facilities to dry uniforms for students who get wet coming to school.