Procedures in the Event of a Major Emergency in our School or Community

For the safety of people at our school, we wish to inform you that, in the event of a major emergency at school, the following procedures will be followed:

  • Any visitors to the school at the time of the emergency will comply with Maeroa Emergency Procedures.
  • Information, as available, will be provided over the local radio station The Breeze or More FM.
  • No student will be dismissed from school unless a parent, or guardian designated by a parent, requests this.  
  • No student will be allowed to leave with another person, even a relative or babysitter, unless we have written permission, the person is listed on the student’s enrolment card in our files, or we are able to make contact with the parent or guardian.
  • All parents or designated guardians who collect students, must sign them out at the office following our usual procedure, or at the alternative Student Release Station especially set up inside the main entrance to the school.  This will be clearly marked.
  • Should your son or daughter be injured we will arrange for them to be cared for and, if necessary, take them to the nearest available medical / casualty centre.

We have staff with current first aid certificates and the school is prepared to care for the students in the event of a critical situation, or if parents are not able to reach the school. 

Your co-operation is requested with the following:

  • Please do not call the school. We must have the lines open for emergency calls. 
  • Following an earthquake or other emergency, do not immediately drive to the school:  streets and access to our school may be cluttered with debris.  The school access route and street entrance areas must remain clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Do turn your radio on to The Breeze or More FM – information and directions will be given over the radio.
  • Please be aware that our information may be limited – we will only be able to tell you what we know.