Koru Awards


At Maeroa, we have a scheme called ‘Koru Awards’ which have been set up to encourage students to achieve in a range of school activities. There are five specific colour flashes which represent different areas of school life and achievement, with the main criteria for awarding these listed below:

Red: These are for academic achievement or significant academic effort. Each teacher awards one of these weekly. They are also awarded at the end of a round of Successmaker or Technology. They are also awarded to students who achieve 100% on Basic Facts on four occasions in under 5 minutes. Basic Facts koru can only be achieved once.

Dark Blue: These are sport related.  Students get these if they are involved in a school sports team where they attend 80% of all practices and games over the season and sustain a positive attitude.

Yellow: Cultural: For commitment to a cultural group within the school (again, based on attendance, practice and attitude).

Black: Service: These are given for commitment to monitorial jobs in the school, full term attendance (with no more than seven days lateness), home hosting a Japanese student attending Maeroa through a group scheme.

Pale Blue: Virtues: Virtues and Cornerstones cards are awarded regularly by all staff. Once students have received 10 of these they hand them in and are issued with a pale blue koru.

White: Awarded to students for excellence, e.g. regional sports representation, high distinction in Australasian exams. The white koru is not a requirement for any of the advanced awards but can be counted as one of the ‘extras’.

Green: Environmental: These are given for environmental tasks undertaken around the school and within the community such as having a plastic free lunchbox, picking up litter around the school etc…


For the advanced awards, students require the following:

  • Bronze: one of each of the main colours and 4 additional to make a total of 10 koru flashes.

  • Silver: two of each colour and 8 additional to make a total of 20 koru flashes.

  • Gold: three of each colour and 12 additional to make a total of 30 koru flashes.

  • Platinum: four of each colour and 16 additional to make a total of 40 koru flashes.

  • Star: five of each colour and 20 additional to make a total of 50 koru flashes.

  • Superstar: 60 koru flashes in total of any colour

Sewing Koru Flashes to the Shirt

Students have their koru flashes sewn to just one of their shirts.  We encourage them to wear this shirt for special assemblies.