Classroom Learning


Students are placed in year 7/8 composite classes that focus on progress and success in English, Maths, Scientific and Social Inquiry.  Teachers track and plan for individualized learning, recommend additional support, promote extension through knowing the learner and what makes them tick. The importance of balancing skill develop, knowledge building and thinking about learning is considered and planned for within programmes.

Scheduled PE and HEALTH lessons ensure the physical and emotional needs of the emerging adolescence are addressed.

Students build on these learning opportunities in our TECH/ARTS rotation.  Exploration of the technology process allows for the real life application of knowledge.  The arts builds not only builds on existing talents and but often discover new found passions.

DIGITAL LEARNING is integrated into all aspects of the learning with devices available in all learning spaces.

Alternative Choices

Maaori Language Unit
Opportunity to learn in Te Reo and further develop knowledge and understanding of Tikanga.  Options of total immersion or bilingual.

For the more academically minded students that work within this unit are able to work with more independence and self direction.

Sports Enrichment
Focus on academic success through sporting models balancing the classroom with the sporting arena.