Making the Move Easier

General Information for Newcomers

How Can you Make Your Move to A New School Easier?
It can be a bit scary coming to a new school.  If you are coming from one of our contributing schools there will be a number of opportunities to come into the school in your Year 6 year so that by the time you start you will feel more comfortable with the surroundings and our expectations.  Some things will be different from a primary school and we have put them below so that you can see what you need to be aware of to get ready for Intermediate. 

What Might be Different at Maeroa? 

You will need to wear a Uniform
At Maeroa, everyone is expected to wear a uniform and our students do this with pride. It will make it easier for everyone if you name your uniform clearly and don't wear it for playing after school. 

You will need to have some specific books
Maeroa issues stationery lists to all Year 7 students at the Meet the Teacher evening in December.  Stationery lists are also available on our website from the end of term 4 as well as from our office. At the start of the school year you are asked to bring  your  pencil case filled with the important things you need to start your day well - pens (blue and red), pencil, eraser, ruler, gluestick - as well as some paper or an old exercise book. Until you get your stationery, this will be all you need to have.  We hope all students will have their stationery by the end of the first week.

We may be further way than you were from your Primary School
You need to think how you will get here. Whether you are being brought by car, bus, walking or cycling, it is important that you have thought about how you are going to get to and from school. 

Class Probably Starts Earlier
You need to be in class by 8.30am. You are able to enter the school grounds from 8.15am.  You need to plan to be here between 8:15 – 8:30am.  On all school days you are expected to be in class by 8.30am to get your books and equipment organised and ready for a prompt start at 8.45am. 

Taking Reponsibility for Yourself
We expect that you will be organised and ready for learning at the start of the school day.  You can do this by making sure you have got everything you need packed and ready the night before.  Every day you need to have these things:            

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Lunch
  • Any school books you need
  • Homework
  • Pencil case
  • PE shorts and shirt or
  • Swimming togs and towel (in summer)