Our History

Maeroa Intermediate School was founded in 1954. It was the first Intermediate in the Waikato region. Our first Principal was Mr Trevor Church.

We have a proud tradition built up over the past fifty six years and our motto, ‘I will not cease from mental fight’ represents our belief in developing students who will be life-long learners.

The Coat of Arms, which is registered with the Royal College of Arms bears:

The arrows of desire – for only a true arrow can reach where it is aimed. We strive to point students in the right direction so that their efforts are directed towards quality targets.

The spear or sword of justice – for we believe in fairness and equal opportunity for all, regardless of background or prior experience 

The lamp of knowledge - for only by being informed can we each grow to understand our place in the world.

The crosses – demonstrate a belief in the goodness of all people. As a school community, we will nurture this through our emphasis on demonstrated values.

The banner head – ‘I will not cease from mental fight’ – reminds us all that life is a learning journey and that our students will learn the necessary skills to become lifelong learners.

Our school song, Jerusalem, is sung with enthusiasm at our important assemblies throughout the year.