Our Mission, Values and Beliefs


Our Mission Statement

I will not cease from mental fight

Our Vision

To develop confident learners who are able to find their place in the community/communities.

At Maeroa Intermediate School we provide a caring, supportive, safe and challenging environment.  We nurture the development of an active community of learners. 

Learnacy - learning how to learn

At Maeroa Intermediate we design learning opportunities, spaces and plan deliberate acts of teaching that support students to be: 



  • Awareness of Self and Others
  • Promote Manaakitangaa - Respectful & Caring
  • Practice a Sense of Service


  • Able to be Participators in their worlds
  • Collaborators within their communities
  • Able to think with an Open Mind


  • Think Creatively when problem solving
  • Calculated Risk takers
  • Independent thinkers


  • Build on Skills in literacy, numeracy and thinking
  • Foster Dispositions that support personal success
  • Reflective of their own abilities to move forward