Our Mission, Values and Beliefs

Our Mission Statement

I will not cease from mental fight

Our Vision

To develop confident learners who are able to find their place in the community/communities.

At Maeroa Intermediate School we provide a caring, supportive, safe and challenging environment.  We nurture the development of an active community of learners. 

Maeroa Cornerstones

We foster a strong and positive self image and prepare students to be effective communicators, critical explorers, organised learners and positive citizens.

At Maeroa Intermediate we design learning opportunities and spaces, plan deliberate acts of teaching that support students to be 

Positive Citizens 

  • Awareness of Self and Others
  • promote Manaakitangaa - Respectful & Caring
  • practice a Sense of Service

Effective Communicators

  • able to be Participators in their worlds
  • Collaborators within their communities
  • able to think with an Open Mind

Critical Explorers

  • think Creatively when problem solving
  • calculated Risk takers
  • Independent thinkers

Organised Learners

  • build on Skills in literacy, numeracy and thinking
  • foster Dispositions that support personal success
  • Reflective of their own abilities to move forward