Reporting to Parents on Learning 

Formal Reporting

Term 1 - Meet the Teacher / Parents 
An informal evening to meet the teacher with a written summary of your child’s transition to the new year.

Term 2 - 3-Way Conferences
Students have an opporuntity to share their learning and goals set for the remainder of the year.  Teachers report on National Standards in Reading, Writing and Maths.

Term 4 - Written Reports
Formal written reports that report against the National Standards, and capture progress across all learning areas. 


Parents are welcome to contact the classroom teacher at any time via phone or email to discuss their child's learning. 

Little concerns can usually be addressed before they become bigger ones if teachers are informed early.  In most instances, issues relating to the classroom can be dealt with by the classroom teacher. We encourage families to contact the school to arrange an appointment to discuss any matter of concern.

If you feel the situation has not been resolved satisfactorily, please contact the office to speak to one of the Senior Leadership team.