School Fee

We are happy for families to pay money weekly, monthly, term by term or yearly. We encourage and welcome the set up of automatic paments to cover school fees, outdoor education and sports fees early in the school year to spread costs over the year.

The school sets a total fee of $125 per student per year which is made up of a compulsory portion of $65 and a voluntary portion of $60. If this is paid together in full before the end of Term 1 then the total cost is $115.

Compulsory portion $65 - this payment covers the cost of the materials within the Technology programmes, students take all items home.

Voluntary portion (donation) $60 – Payable at $15 per school term. 

We appreciate those who pay this voluntary portion as the money is spent directly on resources that the students have access to, including but not limited to, lunchtime games equipment, multi-media resources, additional computing equipment, and library books. 

Shows Fee

We arrange for at least 4 performances that students are able to attend for $20 and run a user pays system. To simplify the process, we ask that students who wish to attend pay a discounted shows fee of $20 before the first show. 

Students who wish to attend and pay for each show separately are able to do so if there is space available at a cost of $7.00.

Camp / EOTC

We encourage all students to attend this team building camp. The cost is $220 and can be paid through time payments.