Sports Focus Class

The sports focus class is a supportive environment for like-minded students, students who enjoy the mental and physical challenges of competing within various sporting codes.

“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.”
-- Michael Phelps, Olympic-medal winning swimmer

In the Sports Focus Class;

  • Students cover all learning areas – reading, writing, maths and inquiry through a sporting lens. The focus is always on building the whole person for success and balancing the sporting ability with the attitude and capacity for learning, leadership and collaboration. 
  • Support students in understanding how, where and when they can transfer these skills and values into other areas of their lives.
  • Working towards becoming ‘SMART’

Sport Smart – developing skills ability.
Head Smart – building on knowledge, thinking skills and strategies.
Heart Smart – fostering the emotional side of competition – perseverance, fairplay and sportsmanship, respect, resilience and responsibility.

Please note: 
Parents and students need to be reassured that all students at Maeroa are eligible for trialling and selection into school teams.

  • All students at Maeroa are encouraged to join a sports team.
  • All class programmes have regular physical education scheduled. 

Selection Criteria:
We are looking for students:

  • Who are skilled in a variety of sports, although if they are exceptional in just one then that selection will be at the selector’s discretion.
  • Who wish to challenge themselves to achieve academically. This is a classroom and education is a priority. 
  • Who demonstrate great sporting dispositions – leadership, fair-play, collaboration. 
  • Have a significant level of fitness.

Selection Process:

  • School enrolment form must be completed
  • Application form for SFLU must be completed
  • Interview form must be completed

The above forms are all due in at the end of term 3

  • Interview with Mrs Carter in October
  • Fitness and skill testing in November
  • Applicants notified of placement in early December

Every effort is made in the selection process to select the right group of students for the unit. Please keep in mind that once the class is selected no discussion of non-selection will take place. While we would love to give feedback, to do so would take an enormous amount of time and this is an unrealistic expectation.