Learning Support

At Maeroa we do our best to support students requiring additional support for learning – academic, social or behavioural. It is important that all necessary background information is shared with the school during the enrolment process to ensure that students receive the help they need for success.

Behaviour Support - We run a school-wide student behaviour management plan. The plan outlining expectations will be sent home with your child in the first week after this has been unpacked with students – you and your child will need to read, sign, and return it to school.

Students are encouraged to make behaviour choices that allow learning to happen for themselves and others. They are reminded, coached, and guided through decision making when unable to make positive choices for themselves.  Families can be expected to be contacted to help with this process.

As part of our behaviour management plan, we also reward positive choices with virtue cards, the koru system, and school-wide recognition assemblies.

Academic Support - AL@M Accelerated Learning @ Maeroa is our intervention programme that identifies students that need additional support in literacy and maths. Specialist teachers teach small groups of students with content that supports accelerated learning with appropriate pace and content.

Social Support - Leadership Groups, Mentoring Programmes, Lego Group, Student Councils, and Leo club are a few of the opportunities that students are nominated for or opt into that support the development of social and emotional wellbeing.

When we are unable to provide the support needed we may ask your permission to access other agencies who are able to support your child's specific needs.