Technology and The Arts

All students attend specialist classes twice a week and move through all six subjects over the year. This is often a place where theory meets practice and students love the challenges that this brings.

Explorations Technology

Technology is intervention by design. Explorations Technology combines hard materials, design and science. Students identify a need or opportunity then plan and design a product using a design brief, learn and apply practical skills, create a prototype product from design plans, test and evaluate their finished product and reflect on their learning. Part of this reflection process involves identifying any flaws in their design and problem-solving solutions to improve their final product.

Food Technology


Food Technology has a special appeal as all our students love to eat! Here they learn about aspects of healthy living as well as basic food preparation skills including personal hygiene and cleaning up.

Digital Technology

To give students experience with a wide range of digital technologies that will enhance and empower their learning to provide them with choices of technologies that best suit their learning styles. They also have the opportunity to develop skills and strategies that will support ‘lifelong learning and build on and encourage strengths for the future.

Visual Art

Visual Art, students explore the principles & elements of visual arts to interpret the world around them.



Students learn about a range of musical styles and the basics of playing an instrument. There are many opportunities for performing within the community.

Media Arts

Media Arts encourages students to explore learning that helps students to communicate through film, photography, video, audio, computer/digital arts, and or interactive media.