We believe a uniform gives students a sense of belonging and allows all students to be equally well dressed. Our Board of Trustees by-law requires our students to wear the regulation uniform in school at all times and the school reserves the right to prohibit footwear and clothing considered unacceptable. Students arriving in incorrect gear will be asked to remove it for the duration of the school day and will collect it at the end of the day to take home.

The school has a uniform that students are expected to wear correctly, wear it with pride whenever they are in it and that the uniform will be kept clean, in good repair and students will take care of their own personal hygiene. Clothing is to be named clearly so that lost property can be returned to the correct owner, it is an expectation that students take responsibility for looking after their clothing.

Personal Presentation

We have a dress code that students are expected to support and that they come to school in a clean, and tidy state.

  • Nails trimmed - in false nails or nail polish
  • No makeup including false eyelashes
  • Shoulder length hair tied up/back with a plain hair tie
  • Jewellery - a named wristwatch
  • Taonga of cultural significance - must be below the level of clothing
  • Piercings – ear studs only

New School Uniform 2022

In 2022 we introduced a new uniform design with consideration of the short period of time students are at our school, the considerable physical growth they go through during the 2 years and the cost, function and durability.


A choice of uniform can be a mix of the old and new design, this allows for flexibility for;

  • New year 7s to wear 2nd hand sibling uniform
  • New year 7 students have a choice of a current uniform or a new design
  • Year 8 students to wear their current uniform at no additional cost or choose to upgrade to a new design


  • All year 7 students must be in a new uniform
  • Year 8 students have the choice of either the new uniform or the old uniform design


  • Everyone in the new uniform design

Our uniform can only be purchased from NZ Uniforms, 244 Tristram Street, Hamilton.

NZ uniforms accept ZIP payments, WINZ quotes and have a Uniform Club option where you can start saving for the cost of uniforms.